Precious as a Peony

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Hey! You’re not bothering me. I would just try to make it a very exciting day for them and bake them cookies or something so they can have something special on their birthdays. My friends have done that for me before and it really made my day! :)


Hey! Well I think you should ask your other friend if she is interested in him first, because it could get a little frustrating if you guys both like the same guy and it would become kind of a competition. If she does like him, I think you should figure out if you want to risk your friendship with your friend but if you are really interested in this guy, then I think you should still pursue him. I think you could flirt with him more in class and try to talk to him more and engage more conversations with him.. He will know you are interested and maybe he will have similar feelings. Good luck!


Hmmm I would just try to get to know more about him! If you sit close to each other in class you could start talking about the class and then slowly move it to be towards what y’all do and hopefully y’all will eventually become closer that way! Good luck:)


Awe thank you so much! So are you:)


Sure I love it! :)